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“I was at a place in my life where I needed a change and a new challenge. I wanted my ideas and voices to be heard and to feel a part of a team, instead of being a number. During my interview with two members of the executive team, I was blown away by their openness and honesty. I knew immediately that this was a place where my voice would be heard and appreciated, and that this was the company for me.”

Brittany Manuel

Sr. Manager of Procurement

“I understood the costs of utility-scale solar very well, and I immediately recognized the potential Erthos had with its innovate idea. There was just no way to achieve lower costs for solar than what Erthos was doing. I was spending my days looking for new ways to reduce prices by fractions of a percent, and Erthos had done it by 20% or more.”

Arturo Alvarez

Director of Project Development Engineering

“Erthos represented a unique opportunity to simultaneously do two things that I care deeply about: solving the problem of global warming and building robots from the ground-up.”

Josh Heppner

VP, Research & Development

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