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Long-Term O&M + Cleaning

  • Full-wrap operations & maintenance

  • Robotic cleaning

  • Ancillary services

Performance-Based Pricing Guarantee

Erthos has redefined the way O&M agreements are structured. Our fees are based on the plant producing at its optimal performance. If the plant underperforms for any reason, we curtail our fees – creating strong incentive and perfect alignment with the long-term asset owner. To further strengthen this alignment, there are no exclusions or carveouts. You only pay the full fee if the plant is performing optimally – period.

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To learn more about how Erthos transforms the economics and reliability of your utility-scale solar projects, give us a call, send us an email, or submit our contact form here.

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Energy Services​

Erthos offers complete project lifecycle services. In addition to providing full engineering services during design, permitting, and construction, we stay with the project for its entire life, offering full operations and maintenance services for the long-term asset owner.  

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