Director of IIoT

Josh Hepner has spent over 12 years of his 20+ year career at Intel. Starting as a Senior Microsystems Packaging Engineer, Josh was responsible for mechanical design and Finite Element Analysis of socket and package technology for processors. His role evolved into responsibility for next-generation packaging solutions and quick transfer to high volume manufacturing. Ultimately, Josh joined the Intel Internet of Things Group (IoTG) where he was responsible for mapping out required sensors, leveraging communication protocols, and computing workloads. There, he employed his skills in micro-electromechanical systems design, package design, mechanical analysis, machine learning, data analytics, and time synchronous networking to innovate new products that met evolving customer requirements. At Erthos, Josh is working at the cutting-edge of a new generation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems aimed at dramatic improvements to the overall long-term quality of utility-scale solar assets.

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