Director, Sales Engineering

Paul Mync has dedicated his entire professional career to the renewable energy industry. With an emphasis on power electronics and energy storage, Paul has focused on design and installation of commercial and utility-scale PV projects. After having worked as a senior sales applications engineer for many of the global leaders in PV power electronics, Paul spent the past 5 years dedicated to utility-scale energy storage. In that capacity, he led design and proposal efforts for Greensmith Energy Management Systems, which was acquired by Wartsila in 2017. There, he helped oversee the installation of over 200 MWh of energy storage, globally; this while helping to craft a global energy storage services model to maintain storage assets and meet performance guarantees across various markets. In his role as the Director of Sales Engineering, Paul brings technical expertise from over 20 years of experience to the task of helping our partners unlock the full potential of Erthos.