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Chief Marketing & Product Officer

Daniel Flanigan’s career has been marked by success in bringing new solar companies and technologies to market. After a decade-long career as a solar electrical contractor, Daniel co-founded Zep Solar, a company that disrupted the PV racking space and gained over 40% U.S. market share before being acquired by SolarCity in 2013. Having pitched the idea of Solar Roof to Elon Musk, and subsequent to the acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla in 2016, Daniel led the Industrial Design function for Tesla’s Solar Roof product development effort. In 2018, Daniel left Tesla to co-found Ojjo, a company that revolutionized the design and construction of utility-scale solar tracker foundations. Daniel brings to Erthos over 25 years of experience in the solar industry with a strong background in product and corporate marketing, communications, product design, product development, and business strategy — skills and experience he is now using to help Erthos forever change the way we deploy solar power.

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