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Charles Pimentel has devoted twenty years of his over three-decade long career in the renewable energy space. With a background in both engineering and business, Charles has been an effective sales and business development leader for numerous renewable technologies including hydrogen-based PEM fuel cells, Zinc-Flow battery systems, silicon PV and CIS PV. Charles served in multiple executive-level positions during his tenure at Solar Frontier (part of the Idemitsu family of companies including, formerly, Showa Shell), including SVP, COO, and CEO of Solar Frontier Americas Development, LLC – Solar Frontier’s utility-scale project development subsidiary. Under his leadership as CEO, Solar Frontier vertically integrated their U.S. based solar business into one of the largest and most capable utility-scale development and IPP businesses in the U.S. In his role as CCO at Erthos, Charles leverages his technical, entrepreneurial, and executive experience to fulfill Erthos’ promise to offer the world’s lowest cost source of energy.

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