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Chief Executive Officer

Jim Tyler’s unstoppable passion for success has yielded decades of achievement as an engineer, inventor, and visionary business leader. Now at his fourth VC-funded startup, Jim is merging his entrepreneurial background with his long career as a big-business solar executive. Jim has played a key role in the development of some of the world’s largest solar power plants, including the role of Lead Negotiator for First Solar’s 550 MW, $1.96B, Desert Sunlight Solar PV Power Plant. Beyond his ability to close massive deals, Jim’s talents and interests drive him towards revolutionary improvements to the status quo. As the VP of Engineering, Procurement & Construction at First Solar, Jim developed and implemented new and innovative methods to achieve construction velocities never before seen in utility-scale power plant construction. In his role as CEO of Erthos, Jim is now directing the full force of his talents to offering the utility-scale solar market a radical, precipitous, and enduring reduction in the cost of energy.

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